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Posted on Jul 1, 2013 by in Poetry | 0 comments

By Adele Simmons

Tears of despair

Tears of fear

Tears in the darkness

Draw the memories near


Tears alone

Tears shared

Tears of cleansing

Leave your soul bared


Tears of healing

Tears of pain

Tears in daylight

Don’t look on in disdain


Cracks break the endless seeming night

I never thought I would be able to see the light

The fissures widen, chunks of hate fall away

I can now see the beginnings of a glorious new day.


Our Love Will See Us Through by Adele Symonds


The love we share is beyond compare

I know you intend to always be there

Our love is so new

But I know we can make it through


You are warm, gentle and kind

You are the man that every woman has in mind

You are – what so few people ever find


The pain we share is beyond compare

I know we can keep each other from the grip of despair

Our love is so new

But I know we can make it through


You give me strength in the dark of night

You pull me out of that state of fright

Together we will walk into the light


The love that we feel is a need

I know that our love will succeed

Lack of love has made my soul bleed

But I know with your love it can be healed


You will have to face a lot of flack

You may well even throw some back

But the strength of our love will pull us through all that


The love we have is what drives us to live

I know that we both have so much to give

The true love which always seemed so illusive

Is now known by us and we can’t help but grin


You know how low I can get

You know it’s hard to switch back and forget

But I know that together we are even stronger yet


The love we share is true

I know it is new for me and you

But the love we have will strengthen and grow

I know that together our lives will soon glow


You have shown me that you care

You have assured me that you will always be there

I know you will never again let me hit that depth of despair


Your love for me is true

As is mine for you

We know that our strength will get us through

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