Magic Masterminds and Worldreader

A Crusade to Encourage Literacy.

Magic Masterminds is the eBooks Publisher.

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Together with Worldreader to Encourage Literacy

Literacy is transformative, it increases earning potential, decreases inequality, improves health outcomes and breaks the cycle of poverty. Books are necessary for the development of literacy skills yet millions of people still have limited access to books.

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Worldreader is transforming the world and Magic Masterminds shares eBooks to help.

We encourage our authors to authorize their eBooks’ donation to Worldreader. We are so used to take a book, read it, even throw it away… For these kids, an eBook is a treasure and shows them the world nurturing their imagination.


Being of Service From Day One


We’ve partnered Worldreader to help them fighting illiteracy. We encourage authors to join this cause.

My Tiny Love Teacher

…is a charitable permanent initiative aimed to help animals’ shelters and to spread the adoption culture.

Writer's Club

… is an online open platform where amateur and experienced authors can publish short stories.

Magic Masterminds Aims to Encourage Literacy