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About Writer’s Club

Magic Masterminds Writer’s Club understands that new authors need to build up a readers platform. Experienced authors sometimes write short stories or want to share a piece of their work as a promotional piece.

Writer’s Club is an opened online platform where amateur and experienced authors can publish short stories. At some point, we can have a contest to put together the best stories to compile an eBook.

With the authors’ authorizations we can publish this Anthology, as well as share it with Worldreader, so authors will have their royalties and at the same time altogether will continue fighting against illiteracy.

You don’t need to be a Magic Masterminds published author to participate with Writer’s Club; you can send your story and if it becomes approved by our editors it will be published.

We won’t have you waiting, so when you have send a story and you will get a confirmation in the following two weeks, if you don’t get an email from our editors it is because unfortunately it was not approved. You can send as many stories as you want. Click here for instructions.

Being of Service From Day One


We’ve partnered Worldreader to help them fighting illiteracy. We encourage authors to join this cause.

My Tiny Love Teacher

…is a charitable permanent initiative aimed to help animals’ shelters and to spread the adoption culture.

Writer's Club

… is an online open platform where amateur and experienced authors can publish short stories.

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