Contribution to Society

Magic Masterminds is the eBook Publisher
A Letter from Monica

Contribution to Society

Born as a sustainable publishing house, Magic Masterminds is always willing to support initiatives to spread information and literacy to our society; to help and protect all living things and to encourage the habit to nurture our symbiotic relationship with nature:

  • Worldreader Donor: We are the happiest to support Worldreader to fight illiteracy. Our authors always have the option to share their work with Worldreader
  • Reader’s Club: We believe that sharing is the fastest path to success. Writers need a platform; children have fantastic stories to share. Reader’s Club is opened for authors of all ages to publish their short stories. We publicize them for the benefit of all our writers and readers communities
  • My Tiny Love Teacher: This blog is opened to receive the stories about your furry friends with the objective to encourage the pets’ adoption and neuter cultures. A percentage of the sales of “My Tiny Love Teacher” eBook goes to the registered shelters.

With these beliefs and commitment, we embrace the values of employees, authors and business partners and our responsibility to protect our local and global environments and strengthen our organizational sustainability.


People & Workplace

People are Magic Masterminds’ core. We value the array of talents and different points of view that a diverse workforce brings and strive to provide relevant and significant development opportunities to our employees at all levels of the company. Whether we are now a start-up and a small business, we aim to grow and work to proactively cultivate an inclusive work culture and environment that values diversity in all its aspects.

Creativity & Culture

As the ultimate evolution of the traditional publisher, Magic Masterminds is committed to editorial excellence and long term investment in creative and diverse content to provide readers with a wide diversity of stories and creative content.

Magic Masterminds works tirelessly to protect our authors’ intellectual property and freedom while giving them access to support and resources to help them reaching readers around the world.

“…We believe in the power of reading to connect and transform communities for the good and in a harmonious way with our environment…”

We believe in the power of reading to connect and transform the world’s population for good, to transcend and unite generations and cultures, to enlarge our understanding of our world, to build empathy and to expand our imagination.


Being of Service From Day One


We’ve partnered Worldreader to help them fighting illiteracy. We encourage authors to join this cause.

My Tiny Love Teacher

…is a charitable permanent initiative aimed to help animals’ shelters and to spread the adoption culture.

Writer's Club

… is an online open platform where amateur and experienced authors can publish short stories.

Magic Masterminds is the eBook Publisher