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The Path to Beauty, Wellness, Wealth, Entertainment, Knowledge, and Love through digital information and literacy
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A Company with Purpose

I founded Magic Masterminds with the purpose to be the Path to Beauty, Wellness, Wealth, Entertainment, Knowledge, and Love through digital information and literacy:

  • To help each inhabitant in this world to have access to information in the way of eBooks, websites, blogs and other digital platforms
  • To give positive messages that encourage the care of our environment, especially the rainforest and this is why we are a paperless company
  • To support digital libraries and education accessible to everyone
  • To encourage children and adults to read and write about their countries, traditions, and experiences to preserve the civilizations’ wisdom
  • To help companies with purpose to be prosper, to grow and spread their products and services

Said in one word, to be: AFFLUENT.

Our Commitment

We commit to help you, dear author to help to take your inspiration to your beloved readers digitally and worldwide. We commit to assist you to spread your word and the love you put on it when writing.

While doing this, we commit to take care of our environment by not harming the rainforest and joining initiatives to reforest our planet.
We commit to support all living things on our planet to help to restructure our symbiotic relationship with nature.

We commit to using technology to take information, education, and literacy to the most remote corner of the planet hand in hand with incredible partners like our authors and Worldreader.

Committed to delivering, information, education, and literacy digitally; while encouraging our symbiotic relationship with nature.


20 + Years of Experience


When Magic Masterminds started, it absorbed Marcomtec, our founder’s Marketing firm bringing more than 20 years of experience to the market.

Nowadays Marcomtec has fully incorporated Magic Masterminds’ purpose and vision to deliver digital marketing services that interact with our communities encouraging a natural and healthy environment.

Marcomtec helps authors and entrepreneurs to create or renew their digital platforms with copywriting, web developing, and digital marketing services based on sustainable strategies to take their brand, products, and services to their target markets.

Marcomtec also brings more than 15 years of experience helping Fortune 100 and 500 corporations to expand their presence to Latin America and Europe.

Creativity & Culture

As the ultimate evolution of the traditional publisher, Magic Masterminds is committed to editorial excellence and long term investment in creative and informative content to provide readers with a wide diversity of stories and knowledge.

Magic Masterminds works tirelessly to protect our authors’ intellectual property and freedom while giving them access to support and resources to help them reaching readers around the world.

“…We believe in the power of reading to connect and transform communities for the good and in a harmonious way with our environment…”

We believe in the power of reading to connect and transform the world’s population for good, to transcend and unite generations and cultures, to enlarge our understanding of our world, to build empathy and to expand our imagination.

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Being of Service from Day One


We’ve partnered Worldreader to help them fighting illiteracy. We encourage authors to join this cause.

My Tiny Love Teacher

…is a charitable permanent initiative aimed to help animals’ shelters and to spread the adoption culture.

Writer's Club

… is an online open platform where amateur and experienced authors can publish short stories.

Magic Masterminds is the eBook Publisher