Welcome to Magic Masterminds

Since Day One, we were born green...


I understand some readers love the smell of a book; however, we need to be conscious of the effect that deforesting the rainforests is causing in our environment.


With the intention to support the recovery of the symbiotic relationship between us and our planet, I decided to start Magic Masterminds as the eBook publisher.


Each time we choose an eBook we may be saving a tree…

About Magic Masterminds

I am Monica; I founded Magic Masterminds in December 2014 as a sustainable publishing house.

We all live on the planet, and all living things on it interact in a symbiotic relationship. If we, humans, destroy this sacred environment, we become parasites; facing this our planet reacts and defends itself.

Let’s face it. Do we need books? YES! Do we need printed books? NO!

We can harness the best of technology to create and distribute information while simultaneously protect, and even nurture our environment.

I firmly believe nature inspires incredible stories. Also, I think eBooks are the best way to distribute these stories:

  1. Price: eBooks are cheaper than printed books so can be easily reached by many more sectors of the population
  2. Distribution: eBooks are easier and less expensive to distribute worldwide; which makes them accessible to people in unlimited locations
  3. Sustainable: eBooks cleanly harness the technology to help to protect our environment.
  4. Whether particular or public, eBooks’ libraries are more accessible to handle; physical transportation cost are inexistent; additionally, they can be reached from unlimited locations

I believe in people reading their eBooks under the shadow of a tree. I believe in green spaces where authors may get inspiration and write the stories we all love to read.

From Day One I also partnered with Worldreader, so as an author you always have the opportunity to allow the Worldreader community to enjoy your book.

This is Magic Masterminds; I am very proud of it. We are opened to submissions from agents and authors; we evaluate all submissions and publish high-quality fiction and non-fiction stories of all categories. But most importantly we are opened to help all those authors who believe in supporting our environment and communities. If you want to learn more about how to submit your story, please click here.

Please contact us for further questions; we will be honored to reply to you within the following 48 hours Monday to Friday.

I look forward to reading your work!

Monica Paul