Welcome to Magic Masterminds

Since day one, we were born green...

We understand most readers love the smell of a book; however, we have to be conscious about our planet and our environment. For that we decided to go green since the very beginning and work only with eBooks and Audio Book formats.

Imagine. For each  eBook you read, a tree might be saved.

About Magic Masterminds


I am Monica, I founded Magic Masterminds in December 2014. Magic Masterminds is a sustainable publishing house. We only publish eBooks and Audio Books.

In Magic Masterminds we love nature; we believe nature inspires awesome stories. So, we put our two cents to take care of it.

We believe in readers reading their eBooks under the shadow of a tree. We believe in green spaces where authors can inspire and write the stories we all love to read.

I understand some people saying they love the smell of a new or and old book. I love it too, so I cherish the ones I have. But the smell of trees is much better and lovable.

I have also heard those who say they only read printed books. I am sorry for them because they might lose the chance to enjoy wonderful stories in eBook format.

This is Magic Masterminds, we accept submissions of agents and authors, we evaluate all submissions and publish high quality fiction and non-fiction stories of all categories. If you want to learn more about how to submit your story, please click here.

Magic Masterminds is not a vanity press or a self-publisher. But if you want to self-publish your work and need some help having your manuscript ready for publishing, please contact Marcomtec our sister company. Marcomtec can certainly help you at a reasonable price.

Please contact us for any further question, we will reply to you within the following 48 hours Monday to Friday.

I look forward to read your work!

Best regards!

Monica Paul