Would you like to participate in our “Reader’s Club”?

We are delighted!

Reader’s Club is a great opportunity for new authors to give a taste of their writing to the readers.

Send us your short story

We accept short stories of all categories of max 5,000 words. We will evaluate it and give you some feedback from our editors.

If you’re a good writer, we will publish your story and you will be able to show it to other publishers, agents, etc.

When we have enough stories we will form an anthology and you will EARN ROYALTIES!

We will invite Charitable Organizations to help up choosing the best stories to help them fight illiteracy.

We will donate it to Worldreader.

As you can see, sending your story will give you a free professional critique, a chance to be published, a chance to earn money and a chance to help someone.

We can’t wait to read your story!

Submit your Story

If you want to become an active participant of the Magic Masterminds’ Reader’s Club, please send us your story. Reader’s Club is a free tool for authors to show his work and get readers.

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting your story. Regular submissions are alwyas open.

Your Story

We want quality short stories that grabs us and doesn’t let go. Stories we wish we had written. The ones that would catch up the reader and make them want to read more of the Author. Those that have characters, plot, stories, an outstanding ending… That keep the readers engaged.

We strongly suggest that before submitting your story:

  • Ask someone to critique your work.
  • Consider whether your piece represents your writing.
  • Consider this is a promotion piece, the more the readers like it, the more chances you have to make them buy your book

Regular Submission Guidelines:

Please adhere to the following requests to ensure that your submission is published:

  • Double space your submission.
  • Word length: not less than 2,000, not more than 5,000
  • Stories may be in English  orSpanish
  • Please send us your BIO and a picture of you and also a picture for your story if you wish to, include your book links, remember you can promote your book here.
  • Please send only one submission at a time, and please wait at least one week between submissions.

Things That Generally Turn Us Off

(From my friend’s Nate Tower article “How to Get a Story Rejected” https://nathanieltower.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/how-to-get-a-story-rejected/)

  • Stories written in present tense (especially third person present tense)
  • Stories with graphic dead baby scenes
  • Stories about writers
  • Stories about struggling marriages
  • Stories set in bars
  • Stories with more backstory than plot
  • Stories with undeveloped characters
  • Stories that are overly reflective
  • Stories that rely heavily on second person usage

    We aren’t saying we never accept these things, but they are less likely to be published. If you think your story is great, send it to us.

Response Time
We are currently working to make sure we can send a reply in no longer than 15 days.

We don’t purchase your story, but this is a good opportunity for you to get a publishing credit. That’s even better than money, isn’t it? A value added you get is that we will promote all the stories and Authors to improve the traffic and readers in the Reader’s Club. We also encourage them to leave comments.

You may get royalties only if your story is selected to be in an Anthology.

We publish one or two stories per week, unless we have too many submissions.

Please keep in mind that we are a start-up right now, so you keep all the rights after the story is published on our Reader’s Club. We just ask you to please avoid publishing the same story in more than one website at the same time; this works more against you than against us. Remember that searching machines may register them. Don’t get free trouble. If for a special circumstance you want/need to have your story removed from our website, just please let us know sending an email to editor(at)magicmasterminds(dot)com

Fill in the form below. If your story is selected we’ll contact you within the next 15 days.

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