About Donna D. Vitucci

Donna D. Vitucci - Author

Donna D. Vitucci - Author

Donna wrote her first poem in fourth grade, and from there never looked back. Alongside school, marriage and children, she wrote poems and stories, and seriously studied the craft of fiction at the University of Cincinnati when her youngest entered kindergarten. She earned her Master’s degree in 1990, and has been writing and submitting stories and novels since then. 

Her short fiction has appeared in dozens of print and online journals, including PANK, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Gargoyle, Broad River Review, Contrary, Forge Literary Journal, Southern Women’s Review, The Butter, and Hinchas de Poesia,. Her first novel, AT BOBBY TRIVETTE’S GRAVE, was published by Rebele Press in 2016. The next year SALT OF PATRIOTS was released. Both are 5 star-reviewed books. Her third novel, IN EUPHORIA, will launch June 1, 2018.

Donna is a devoted walker, gardener and yoga practitioner. The stories in her head rarely stop, and the voices in her dreams beg notice.

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