Personal Becomes Universal Through Research

Guest Post by Novelist Donna D. Vitucci @Live to Write – Write to LiveThe answer to my question, How long does it take to write a book? is fifteen for the novelist Donna Vitucci, who has just published Salt of Patriots after fifteen years of research, writing and...


Maddy Procter stood in the boys’ bathroom. Nobody pulled their pants down.
Josh and Frankie and Paul loitered by the spots designated for peeing but they stayed tucked in.


You can run on Catechism like it’s gasoline. Wipe your grime on the gauze that covers your intimate places. So then, a life tinted yellow, malaised, maized, amazed.

Review In Euphoria

From its opening paragraph, In Euphoria shows we are reading an extremely gifted, lyrical writer, but what ultimately makes this novel so compelling is Pauline, a woman whose narcissistic desires and compulsions wreak havoc on the lives of the men who fall under her...

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