Josh and Frankie and Paul loitered by the spots designated for peeing but they stayed tucked in. They also did not run out calling for Mrs. Dobryny, tattling. They watched Maddy, their soles stuck to the checkerboard floor the janitor swabbed nightly with the tarantula-legged mop.

The Sacred Thread @Ragazine

The ghosts watch us quietly, for what else have they to do? Our lives exasperate them. The children have never minded their elders, they whisper to one another.

Duncan Hill @Indianola Review, Spring 2016

The money went missing coin by coin. Nobody noticed silver shrinking from the glass piggy bank on Mama’s dresser. The bank with no plug meant Lissey could shake it upside down side to side and coins, if slid just right, might get free. Or she slipped a knife in alongside the coin slot, again held the bank upside down and knifed the coins out along the blade.

Keweenaw Fugue @Hinchas de Poesia

At the top of the world, winter winds take down so many you find them bent along the highway, en route to Schutte’s Bar, flannel spanning their trunks…