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We act on one another... like atmosphere and ocean, storm and sky, much mixed, one grand geyser.

Reviews from My Lovely Readers

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When considering how best to review Donna Vitucci’s “At Bobby Trivette’s Grave,” my initial inclination was to simply say: “Congratulations, Donna, on a great book, and thank you for an excellent read.”

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My Stories


Josh and Frankie and Paul loitered by the spots designated for peeing but they stayed tucked in. They also did not run out calling for Mrs. Dobryny, tattling. They watched Maddy, their soles stuck to the checkerboard floor the janitor swabbed nightly with the tarantula-legged mop.

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The Sacred Thread @Ragazine

The ghosts watch us quietly, for what else have they to do? Our lives exasperate them. The children have never minded their elders, they whisper to one another.

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These are quotes and excerpts I have saved and savored, that have helped serve as inspiration and reminders in my own writing process.

Time prospectus

It is important to know what they drink. It is more important to know to what gods they pray and what kind of fights they love.

W.Eugene Smith

There is no community without loneliness. Man carries his loneliness within him.

Bernhard W. Anderson

Saga is able to communicate to us out of the past history as experienced, the internal meaning of events and happenings. And if the deepest meaning of man’s life is his relation to God, saga and poetry are exceedingly more important ways of telling history.

Anthony Lane

Bad dreams are a model of clarity, and…their mad anti-logic makes horrific good sense.

Joan Acocella

The father returns, the boy (now a man) is allowed to open the red box. We get to touch. But with this reassurance come mystery, illumination, hair-on-end chills—experiences that, however distant from comfort and justice, are still things that we want from stories.

William Faulkner

I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget now and then for a moment and not spend all your breath trying to conquer it.

Rodney Jones

Nothing survives that hasn’t been lovingly scarred in the brain or dented by the human voice.

Yehuda Amichai, translated from Hebrew by Chana Block & Chana Kronfeld

That’s the way to live: to stick your hand into the infinite outside
of the world, turn the outside inside out,
the world into a room and God into a little soul
inside the infinite body.

Ann Hood

You are lucky you are a writer because you will sort through this in ways other souls cannot; the bad part is you feel and see all of this in ways non-writers don’t.

Seamus Heaney

At a certain age, the light that you live in is inhabited by the shades…I’m very conscious that people dear to me are alive in my imagination…These people are with me. It’s just a stage of your life when the death of people doesn’t banish them out of your consciousness, They’re part of the light in your head.

Source Unknown, and quote unfinished

Science, seeking confirmation, proof and objective testing, cannot avail itself of this cardinal human loneliness, but literature can. And this with language that is always failing, and stumbling, break…

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We dress our garden, eat our dinners, discuss the household with our wives, and these things make no impression, are forgotten next week; but in the solitude to which every man is always returning, he has a sanity and revelation, which in his passage into new worlds he will carry. Never mind the ridicule, never mind the defeat: up again, old heart!

Stanley Kunitz

The thing that eats the heart is mostly the heart.

James Dickey

There is no whole truth, but this is what we have,

And it goes on

Beyond impact, beyond reach, beyond recall…

Donna D. Vitucci in the News


It’s fitting that April 22, Earth Day, is the release date for SALT OF PATRIOTS, the new novel by local author Donna D. Vitucci. SALT is a fictional portrayal of uranium processing during the nuclear industry’s early days, and it settles on the community of Fernald, OH, to illustrate the days and dreams of families there during the 1950s.