I believe in a Universal Consciousness, a Super-Consciousness that unites all thoughts within a single framework of understanding that goes beyond mere language or writing. It’s a complete thought or idea that can never be misconstrued or misunderstood by the use of the spoken word.

When my cat Mister began interacting with me in this manner it didn’t shock me. I always knew he was intelligent in ways that I could only pretend to understand. What did shock me was the profundity of his communications?

“I would like to know the precise location of an electron on an atom,” Mister said.

“Physicists say that’s not possible. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle states that measurements such as where a particle is and where it’s going, its position and momentum, cannot be precisely known.”

As we sat on the couch Mister rolled onto his back and put his head up against my lap. “But it’s this uncertainty of the electron that is the cause of all change in the universe. To learn its location would enable you to know the future.”

I tweaked my goatee and pondered where to take our conversation. “And just how could you know the future by observing an electron?”
Mister issued a smile full of mischief. “Because as the electron changed its orbit a new element would be the outcome, and being able to observe the outcome would direct me to its properties, and the new properties would be the future not the past.”

“I think you should stick to being a cat and leave the electron alone.

You’ll be happier ignorant of the future.”

At my suggestion Mister did precisely what I suggested, licked himself thoroughly, curled into a comfortable position and closed his eyes. I heard one last thought before he became a body at rest.

“It’s more comfortable to see things as you wish, than to see what they will become.”

Published in Utopia Science Fiction Magazine.