Physicist turned pool boy Jack Joseph led a life of romance, addiction, and entropy, filled with the temptations of drink, drugs, and sex, broken with the miseries of ruined relationships, and balanced on the needle of false hope.

The Pool Boy’s Beatitude Review @Big Al’s Books and Pals

When I tell you that that the story spans only a few weeks of Jack’s life, you’ll understand that I spent most of the time inside Jack’s head. And I learned quite a lot about the mind of an addict in the process. Although his lifestyle was not to be admired, it made perfect sense. All in all, an unusual and fascinating read.

The Death of Anyone Review @MelangeBooks

The story is a really good police procedural that takes a look into the forensic side of the investigation too. A really good balance of crime, personal life and the effects of doing the job can have. Not for the faint hearted.