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Nude swimming is a collection of stories about love and romance in the lives of an eclectic group of individuals. From physicist Jack Joseph, caught in the space between his love for the beautiful Marilee and his famous General Theory of Non-Existence, to the manic Loonsfoot and his possessive love for Esther who has left him to be with a woman. These short romantic fictions explore relationships from the extreme peripheral to the  intimate inside of affairs of the heart.

The single thread that binds the stories together is our need for love, compassion and companionship in spite of our variances in ideas and ethics that separate us. I want the reader to experience why a young Maggie Harrington, on the eve of her wedding to one man, surrenders her virginity to another. Or what propels a self assured Rosemary to request her lover to  dominate her in a spanking episode. I am hoping, within the framework of these not so ordinary characters, to connect you as a reader to the not so ordinary conflicts that exist in your own relationships.

Rafael attached the electrodes from the computer screen to the beetle’s brain and set him in front of Pauline. Rafael watched as her face downloaded from the beetle’s eyes to the screen in a flowing rainbow of colors and shapes, a separate and distinct reality from his own.

“Even to a beetle you are as beautiful as anything in endless space,” he said.

“I am only as beautiful as you imagine.”

“What about the beetle?”

“I am only as beautiful as he imagines.”

Rafael shook his head. “You think beauty is not real, only imagined?”

“I believe all things are only as we imagine. What is real is as real as we know it, but no more.”

“But no less,” Rafael said.

“You know what I would like?”

“A kiss?”

Pauline laughed. “Take the beetle out to the garden and let him go free. Let him explore his own universe as he sees it.”

Rafael released the beetle. A million years into the future it developed language, art, and a concept of beauty beyond all previous life forms.