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doty dots

Connect the Dots with Doty

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Hi! I’m Doty.

This is my Magic Tablet.

Do you want to read a new story? And a gift? Awesome! Thalos is coming!

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What is Doty Dots?

Did you know that everything you write or draw is a group of tiny dots?

Doty is here to show you how to connect the dots to create traces, shapes, letters, numbers, and everything you want.

If you are here, it’s because you want a magic link to get a story and a gift.

Scroll down! See what you can do.

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Read with Doty

Read about myths, legends, traditions, and all the fantastic things that exist in our world.


Trace, Draw, Write

Trace lines and shapes. Practice and master your script and cursive handwriting skills.


Color and Create

Royalty-free images to color, templates for your cards, masks, and your party decorations.

Our Tools. Our Family. Our Community

This is Doty Dots; we are a family and a community.

We are creative people who love children. We need your help to transform our e-books and activities into applications to support you and your kids.

Just download your gift and give us your review on Amazon.

Develop Hard Skills & Soft Skills


Reading and writing are skills that we all can learn and help us discover the universe we live in and express ourselves.


Our past and our future, who we were, who we are, who we will be. Traditions, myths, legends, technology, our planet.


The beauty of children’s creation and expression while having fun. Write, draw, color. What else can you think of?

Analytical Thinking

Intelligent evolution and innovation, seize the chances, be the ones to create a better world.


What Parents are Saying

Using Ancient Origins as their main source is a guarantee.

Doty Dots is great, my children already love it.

A great tool to help kids with their first steps in reading and writing, I love they can use the images for other stuff.

My girls won’t miss Doty Dots, they love the Easter Bunny and the stories are perfectly supported.