I am Cezarija Abartis

I teach English at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

Nice Girls and Other Stories

Here are stories about girls and women–children, students, teachers, wives, mothers, and daughters—navigating cultural and romantic minefields. Told with humor and insight, many stories take place in the 1950s and 1960s and are filled with rich details from those eras.

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QUESTIONS by Cezarija Abartis @ NewFlashfiction.com

Read @ NewFlashfiction.com Keep your courage up, Paula once rather pompously advised her mother. Mother had been in the middle of a crying jag, which careened into a rant. Why doesn’t the government tax all people fairly? Why can’t they make a safe car? Why does that...

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FIRST WEEK by Cezarija Abartis @ THE MISCREANT

Read @ The Miscreant Andrea, sitting beside Alan, rubbed her fingertips against the smooth wool of her black suit. She stood up as people came to offer their condolences. “Thank you,” she said and turned to the long table with its plain white cloth. “Please help...

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To Kiss a Bear by Cezarija Abartis @ MatterPress

Read @ MatterPress by Cezarija Abartis In Caroline’s dream, she had been swallowed by a bear. Now, the snow ticked on the window panes. She sat up and pushed her water glass away. She had once named her cat Bear. He did not like the name, said he was Puss ’n Boots –...

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