By Monique Paul

“Mobile” as many marketers defined it has changed. Mobile is a new “customer experience.” And when talking about authors and their books, “Mobile” goes beyond.

For authors, “Mobile” is much more than an engagement strategy. “Mobile” is the device or “thing” readers use to read their books. Call them eReaders, tablets, or smartphones.

As such, authors should think about having an engagement strategy for readers on mobile. Let me explain.

This means creating beautiful mobile and offline experiences in stages that are tied together and at the same time independent of each other.

  • Online strategies such as mailing, website, social media, blogging, social media groups, samples of your books
  • Offline strategies like trade shows, reading events, conferences

However, all these are channels, and every channel should know about interactions taking place in other channels. Your readers expect that from you.

When it comes to a mobile experience, the best way to control the noise is to be always relevant and congruent wherever your mobile customers want to shop. For example, you would need to consider that most mobile users use social media apps most of the time.

All these together help you to take your target readers to engage and interact with you and other readers through book reviews and recommendations. After all, your best marketing is word-of-mouth. Your marketing is led to trigger it.

The best part is that an engagement strategy for customers on mobile leverages sales of eBooks as well as physical books that readers can purchase from their mobiles.

Yes! Your books have the ability to go where your customers are. Mobile devices become the gateway of your stories, and from now on, you should consider their unique capabilities before creating any content, or new campaign.

Yes, you go! You can easily create and run a “Mobile Strategy to Engage Readers or Mobile.”




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