My Body Talks to Me and I Love it

Today my post is very different. No marketing, no more social media. It is just about a woman’s real life. I attend a Yoga class three days a week, I wish I could attend daily but unfortunately I can’t, due to the office schedules. I also practice meditation every...

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From Best Seller to Collection…

Back in 2010, D.J. Swykert published his thriller novel “Children of the Enemy”, he never knew the kind of events this would bring to his life. Since the beginning, this book got the thriller fans attention; a review in Amazon describes it as “not recommended for children under 16 or weak…

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Interview to DJ Swykert – The Pool Boy’s Beatitude

I am Monica, and I am glad to be here today to interview DJ Swykert who recently launched his new book, “The Pool Boy’s Beatitude”. So without further comments, I allow him to speak… Or write? 🙂
Hello David,
You are our leading Magic MasterMind, and I would like our readers to get to know more about your new book “The Pool Boy’s Beatitude”, so I want to welcome you and thank you for giving us this interview:

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