Christmas is coming! Wow! How I love this season of the year, joy and happiness is all around, even those who are a little grumpy at times are in a better mood. We can see ornaments everywhere and decorating our homes is a good chance for a nice family gathering.

Well, in this season we all need extra money, and we can have a seasonal small business with some DIY ornaments. Who knows, you might be starting a new business that may become a formal firm.

Whatever, I have some crystal bowls I used to use for large events, now that my marketing business has evolved; I am not using them anymore, so I am thinking what to do with them.

In the past I used to bake Christmas cookies, I used to wrap them in very fancy bags and then I had them in some of the seasonal bazaar in my neighborhood. Of course, I used to start a marketing campaign to get the most people IMG_0687going to the bazaar where I was selling my cookies. It was fun and the best part of it is that I was getting the benefit for myself but also for the other girls who had their products at the bazaar.

Now I live in a different area, but I think the strategy will work out fine. Do you remember what I said about extending our happiness? Whatever you do and share to get a positive outcome, multiplies!

I have been thinking about these crystal bowls; I may decorate them in the outside and bake some cookies to fill them with. This would be a great Christmas gift, or just to have them at home as part of the decoration.

They may also become Feng Shui abundance attractors filling in them with a nice composition of different seeds. Or I may add a candle in the center. Or maybe a candle surrounded by a seasonal flower arrangement. This is nice because in the future the candle can be substituted as many times as needed. And if you are crafty, the flower arrangement can be changed to be used the whole year. This would be a nice lamp.

Well, I have about two dozen bowls in two different sizes. Any idea you would like to share? I am still thinking, making a budget to come to the best price, and of course, checking in the available bazaars in my area. I will keep you posted!

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