Sweat Street Review

Yuki is a street girl, she is experienced enough to handle herself safely. She is just doing her work when she witnessed an event that changes her life abruptly.

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Women can easily run a home, a family and a business…

I was not allowed to drive, I was not allowed to go to college, from the family perspective there was no need to waste my time studying if my future was to be at home. It was not that I didn’t want to have a family; it was that I didn’t want to have it that way.

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From Best Seller to Collection…

Back in 2010, D.J. Swykert published his thriller novel “Children of the Enemy”, he never knew the kind of events this would bring to his life. Since the beginning, this book got the thriller fans attention; a review in Amazon describes it as “not recommended for children under 16 or weak…

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