About the Reader’s Club

The Reader’s Club is a free tool created by Magic Masterminds for Indie Authors to publish their short stories, easily and quickly.

“I am very excited to be able to have this first stage of the Reader’s Club working and publishing,” said Monica Paul, Magic MasterMinds CEO. “I,myself had a story published already, this is fun and helpful to Indie Authors wanting to build up a name and a reputation.”

…our dear D.J. Swykert also published a story and shared his opinion about the experience:

“”I write fiction, because unlike reality, a story ends the way I want it to.” D.J. Swykert.

This is the Reader’s Club first phase, here, Indie Authors will find a platform to publish their stories and their BIOs. Very soon some other activities will start and participating in this space will useful, productive, and fun!

Welcome to the Reader’s Club!

Monica Paul