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Children of the Enemy

Jude St. Onge is a man on the run. He is an addict escaping from Detroit drug kingpin Mitchell Parson.

But Parson never expected to hear “I have your sons.”

Risks for both hostage-takers skyrocket as the two sides square off. Only Ray and Ted can save the endangered children.

Sweat Street

Yuki, a young street girl, witnesses Jack Delgato murder another police officer and an informant. Yuki runs for her life as Delgato relentlessly pursues the only witness to the killing.

She accepts to identify the “suspects” at the police station, which is really unfortunate. If Bonnie was suspicious of Delgato at some point, perhaps she should have considered this before putting Yuki in risk.


La Clave de Aquel Milagro

Una sucesión de acontecimientos trágicos y ceremonias antiguas llevadas a cabo por Pierre La Falaise, noble francés y templario del siglo XIV, le hacen comprender su lugar en este Universo y los desafíos que debe emprender.

Las iniciaciones se experimentan en lugares sagrados en Perú, Bolivia, México, Ecuador, Francia y las Montañas Catskill de Nueva York.

Three-Fingered Jack Davis

Three-fingered Jack Davis and Jesse James Hofstetler operate a dope house in Detroit. Several of the addicts overdose and now Jack and Jesse are stuck with a number of dead bodies to deal with.

Looking for refuge they hook up with Marielle, nicknamed Hell, a prostitute who owns a house of ill repute in the neighborhood. Detective Bonnie Benham will start her investigation.

Maggie Elizabeth Harrington

I Live in Two Worlds

Maggie Elizabeth Harrington is the story of a young woman in the 1890s, whose world is a remote northern Michigan mining town, she learns about love when she tries to save a pack of young wolves from a bounty hunter.

A terse historical love story of a young woman’s struggle with environmental and moral issues concerning the slaughter of
wolves, and the church’s condemnation of her love for a young man.

Alpha Wolves

Twenty years later, Maggie Harrington is deeply in love with Jeremy Paull and they become engaged. Maggie feels as if she has found her prince. Strong and protective Jeremy loves her to his core. It appears they are a perfect match and a long and loving marriage lies straight ahead.

Just before the wedding Maggie’s past comes back to haunt her in the form of Tommie Stetter. Maggie and Tommie shared a powerful love.

Her love for both men complicates the simple life she desired at Central Mine.

My Tiny Love Teacher

Arianna was out of the city when she is informed the her beloved kitty Choux is dying just a few days before her twentieth birthday.

Choux had come to Arianna’s life just at the right time, to teach her unconditional love.

My Tiny Love Teacher will make you cry and laugh, will make you reject abuse; and will get you look at your pet in a whole different way. If you don’t have a pet, then you might want to go to a shelter to adopt a Tiny Love Teacher.

The Pool Boy's Beatitude

The Pool Boy’s Beatitude convincingly portrays a life of romance, addiction and entropy, filled with the temptations of drink, drugs and sex, broken with the miseries of ruined relationships, and balanced on the needle of false hope. Somehow through it all the story is hopeful, positive, humorous and oddly enticing.

All Souls

ALL SOULS begins as Vivian Marker arrives with her seven year-old daughter Lindy in a new Ohio town. As a young widow, Vivian has dedicated her life to raising Lindy, and to the priests for whom she serves as housekeeper in small-town Mt. Healthy — first Father Joachim, and then the younger Father Benedict, once he is assigned to the St. Sebastian parish. Vivian’s vigilance falters as her feelings of self are awakened by Father Benedict’s friendship. Her fantasy of family, however much it is imagined, distracts her at the very time when Lindy, now fourteen, most needs guidance.

D.J. Swykert

D.J. Swykert is a former 911 operator, and wolf expert, living in Northern Kentucky, USA. His short fiction and poetry has been published in: The Tampa Review, Monarch Review, Sand Canyon Review, Zodiac Review, Scissors and Spackle, spittoon, The Newer York, Barbaric Yawp and BULL.

His novel, Maggie Elizabeth Harrington, won a literary competition with The LitWest Group in Los Angeles in 2002.


Victor Almandoz

Víctor nació en Lima, Perú. Estudió con los Hermanos de La Salle por diez años; para luego estudiar en la Universidad Agraria del Perú.

A principios de 1979 se muda a Nueva York y obtiene un BA en Artes y MIS en NYU.

Sus previas experiencias con los chamanes siempre estuvieron presentes en su memoria.

Donna D. Vitucci

Donna wrote her first poem in fourth grade, and from there never looked back. Alongside school, marriage and children, she wrote poems and stories, and seriously studied the craft of fiction at the University of Cincinnati when her youngest entered kindergarten.

She earned her Master’s degree in 1990, and has been writing and submitting stories and novels since then.

Monica Paul

Monica is a marketer and a web developer, she shared her marketing skills with IT companies for 20 years.

Then her business Marcomtec evolved into a Web Development company that partnered with The Divine Saga Studios.

Monica spends most of her spare time writing stories, there is where she spills all the fantasy that runs through her wild and irreverent spirit.

Silvia Ramirez de Aguilar

Silvia es Escritora y Coach NeuroSemántico.

En su libro “Servilletas Amarillas” ella comparte sus experiencias a los largo de su vida.

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