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traditions of the world

Did you know there are thousands of traditions yet to be discovered? This is because we are all different.

Editor’s Choice

Donna Vitucci

Editor’s Choice

Traditions of the World

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Donna D. Vitucci

Donna wrote her first poem in fourth grade, and from there, never looked back. Alongside school, marriage, and children, she wrote poems and stories and seriously studied the craft of fiction at the University of Cincinnati when her youngest entered kindergarten.

She earned her Master’s degree in 1990 and has been writing and submitting stories and novels since then.

Monica Paul

Monica is a technology writer and PR; she has shared her PR skills with IT companies for over 20 years.

Now she is tapping into a new and exhilarating project. Together with two expert partners, they are launching Doty Dots.

Monica spends most of her spare time writing stories; there is where she spills all the fantasy that runs through her wild and irreverent spirit.

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