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A Story + Activity Workbook!

Talos of Crete
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Donna Vitucci

Editor’s Choice



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Launching Doty Dots series for children.

All categories: Crime, Historical Romance, Shamanism, Women’s Contemporary.

Talos of Crete, the Oldest Robot



Doty tells you the story of Talos, the first robot with artificial intelligence mentioned in history.

Enjoy the story of Talos, the giant robot, and get a 60 pages activity workbook.

DotyDots' Goddess Eostre and the Easter Bunny

GODDESS EOSTRE AND THE EASTER BUNNY. Doty tellsGoddess Eostre and the Easter Bunny you the story of the Easter Bunny according to old German mythology.

The book provides the link to download a free printable activity workbook with a variety of exercises, from calligraphy and lettering to connecting the dots and coloring.

In Euphoria

IN EUPHORIA opens in the wake of a freak hurricane-like storm in the middle of Illinois. The power is out and some roads are impassable, but Pauline and Jared manage to meet at the Goodwill Store, one of the few places with light and company. On probation after a first-offense for assault, Jared’s restitution is community service at the Goodwill drop-off dock. Pauline has her own shady business—she tends a small crop of marijuana on the ravine-like acreage surrounding her secluded home on a hill.

Salt of Patriots

It is a story of a place, an industry, and most of all an innocent trust, which no longer exist.These “Cold Warriors” have much to learn about an industry as young as they are. Despite the atomic risk , they attend their dependable jobs with patriotism and pride leavened with uncertainty and suspicion at what exactly they are processing and at what cost. vaunt patriotism and pride leavened with uncertainty and suspicion at what exactly they are doing at this uranium processing plant and at what cost.

At Bobby Trivette's Grave

When you slam the door shut on your boyfriend’s pleas you don’t expect to never see his beautiful face again. A simple silly argument, you expect to get past it. You expect to love, fight, make up and love more. You’re young and there’s plenty of joy to come. But Bobby Trivette meets with a tragic accident in Kentucky’s back hills, and Dru Ann’s future turns to pure free fall. Her grief spiral sets everyone connected to her evaluating the ones they love and the ways they’ve lived in this small town of Paris, Kentucky, forever in the shadow and the spirit of the Cane Ridge Shrine.

All Souls

ALL SOULS begins as Vivian Marker arrives with her seven year-old daughter Lindy in a new Ohio town. As a young widow, Vivian has dedicated her life to raising Lindy, and to the priests for whom she serves as housekeeper in small-town Mt. Healthy — first Father Joachim, and then the younger Father Benedict, once he is assigned to the St. Sebastian parish. Vivian’s vigilance falters as her feelings of self are awakened by Father Benedict’s friendship. Her fantasy of family, however much it is imagined, distracts her at the very time when Lindy, now fourteen, most needs guidance.


LEBO is a young girl in Botswana and is orphaned at the age of six. In her teenage years she contracts abdomen tuberculosis and has a brush with death. While in hospital, Lebo, who for most of her life has felt unwanted and unloved meets Theo, a young man with Niemann-Pick disease and they fall in love. For the first time Lebo feels truly loved. Theo’s cheerful personality, despite his health circumstances, becomes her smile and laughter.
Lebo’s health improves and she is discharged from the hospital. She finds a home in a shelter for women where builds a family with a group of its residents. Theo’s condition, however, gets worse and she struggles to come to terms with the fact he could die soon.

Donna D. Vitucci

Donna wrote her first poem in fourth grade, and from there, never looked back. Alongside school, marriage, and children, she wrote poems and stories and seriously studied the craft of fiction at the University of Cincinnati when her youngest entered kindergarten.

She earned her Master’s degree in 1990 and has been writing and submitting stories and novels since then.

Monica Paul

Monica is a technology writer and PR; she has shared her PR skills with IT companies for over 20 years.

Now she is tapping into a new and exhilarating project. Together with two expert partners, they are launching Doty Dots.

Monica spends most of her spare time writing stories; there is where she spills all the fantasy that runs through her wild and irreverent spirit.

Tshegetsang Tebelelo

My name is Tshegetsang Tebelelo, a young lady of 23 years old. I hail from a small country called Botswana (Southern Africa). I am currently a fourth-year student at the University of Botswana, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in counseling.

Writing is my first love, and I am grateful to have something that I am profoundly passionate about. I am Tshegetsang and I am a writer.

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